Eurofurence was a blast! - 2.9.2016

Last modified: 11.5.2017

Thanks everyone who made the con amazing!

I'm going to be honest: I thought I got so much items in stock to be able to bring the leftovers into Tracon for sure, I've never had so many pillowcases with me before. But you guys surprised me and my table was empty by the noon of the second den day! That was one crazy experience and I'll for sure be returning to EF the next year again! Thanks to selling out quickly I also got to enjoy the convention itself a whole lot more, I made new friends and met so many people I've previously just talked over the internet with, that was so awesome <3


Well then, Tracon is right around the corner and I've barely settled being back to Finland. Unfortunate for all the younger furries, I have no pillowcases left, these take over a month to get more of and I only had two weeks. But I have t-shirts, they come from a local printing company and they were really quick to make new ones! The lynx and the FYIAD shirt with yellow, red, blue and navy - come get them! And some traditional badge commissions if you're lacking a badge!

Soon I can finally add stock on this online shop!

It's been a crazy summer with a lot of fun conventions but I've not forgotten about you guys who live much further away! There's a small tweak that needs to be done for the site so that the ordering process goes right and soon I'll be able to restock on all pillowcases, shirts and hopefully also the mousepads! This should happen somewhere along the winter and also new designs will be made - I'm excited!

Thank you all so much for the interest! I had no clue how many people enjoys what I do <3