Chritmas holiday! - 15.12.2017

Orders will be handled on 28th of Dec

I will be traveling to my parents and therefor any new orders will be handled when I return, on 28th. Thank you for your patience! I will be able to send invoices but there will be delays due to not checking daily.

Pillowcase News!

Two new pillowcases are finished and I have bunch of them in stock since yesterday! I plan on releasing these on the next cons I go to, but there is not yet a specific plan because I'm still on the waiting list for NordicFuzzCon's den. If I end up getting a table, I will release both pillowcases at NFC, if I end up sharing a half with a friend, I will release the regular size pillowcase and keep the big big surprise for Confuzzled where I am already confirmed as a dealer! <3

After Christmas I'll be working on even more pillowcases, perhaps one more to release at Confuzzled too, if the shipping times don't delay as much as they did for this previous bundle.