Welcome to Neotheta's online store CozyTabby!

While less of an active online store, this site lists care instructions and documentation of many things I sell at conventions. Occasionally pre-orders and orders may be completed online. Due to Finnish postal system prices and slow unreliable service, pickup at conventions for orders is highly adviced.

Big Change - 13.6.2022

2022 Big changes

The world has changed a lot during the past years, so it's time for a big chance on this side of my business as well. The past few years I've focused solely on digital personalized commissions, which is my main calling. I still want to do cool printed stuff, but I don't want to mass produce in china or deal with our now broken postal service that both takes forever and costs more than the items themselves.

What happens: This store front will become a place to pre-order things to pick up at conventions, a display for what I have created & document the care instructions. I will focus more on unique & limited things which you can buy from me in person at conventions. It will take me some time to adjust the site to reflect this change.

This year I will be at FinFur Animus and in 2023 at NordicFuzzCon!