Confuzzled was great! - 8.6.2016

Thanks everyone who stop by my table!

I think this was the first Confuzzled I survived without being ill at the convention, I did get the concrud after tho. But that means it was multiple times more fun than ever before! I also sold out almost everything I had, with just one pillowcase remaining and a bundle of stickers! Thanks so much! Of course that means I have nothing to put on the website for sale in a while, but I've ordered new pillowcases already.

Write reviews

If you bought something, and have already taken the stuff in use, please do write a review on here! It makes it nicer for people to coinsider making online purchases when they hear what other people think.

Next FinFur Animus

In only about a week, I'll head to Finfur Animus. Wheeeere my table will probably be kind of sad unless the new pillowcases arrive quickly. But do come grab some stickers and look at the huge framed fabric print at the art show (this is the second and last framed version that will be in any art show, but you can always buy the plain fabric as is).

On other news I also got accepted to next Tracons artist ally!