FinFur Animus next! - 12.6.2017

Confuzzled was a blast!

All the t-shirts and ice fox pillowcases are gone! But I should be able to restock well before Animus happens. Thank you all for the amazing time, this Confuzzled was probably the best convention experience so far. Also from your feedback at the convention, expect me to work on a full length body pillowcase version of Theo the dragon~ I wont promise a release date yet since I want to make sure it's 100% perfect and well worth the wait.

FinFur Animus next!

This time my den table wont be empty! I will have each pillowcase with me, along with some special leftovers from Confuzzled. New stuff should also arrive in time for Animus: Charms!

Pickup open for Animus now

If you want something for sure, order and pay online and come pick it up at my den table!