Eurofurence! - 24.7.2017

I have a dealers den table!

Great news, today I received den table from the waiting list for EF and I couldn't be happier! Although this changes small things with the t-shirt pre-ordering: I ordered the first batch of them today to ensure I have lots of them by the convention, so new orders cannot be picked up at EF anymore - but you can grab one from my table if I have the right size! New pre-orders will be manufactured later and be ready to ship on September. I will also get some new fabric prints, they still have a chance to arrive on time.

See you at Eurofurence!

Animus was awesome!

On other news, animus was great! Thank you so much for stopping by my table or otherwise hanging out - I had a great time. A little concrud afterwards but nothing bad. Also many items have returned to the online shop again - only to be packed up for EF again soon heh.