2017 Conventions done! - 29.9.2017

Last modified: 14.10.2017

Items back in store & 2018 plans

Confuzzled, Animus, Eurofurence and Tracon are now all behind, and they were all amazing, thank you everyone who stopped by and said hi! Now it's time to restock, plan new products and get ready for the next year. Three new pillowcases are planned, which one of them is a long lengthy body pillow already getting ready for test print. I'm also planning to make new charms and add the bundle here in the online store. Other potential plans include collaborating with the Vilous team to add a limited run of Sergal characters and I'm also looking to bring back mousepads & pencilcases.

Conventions for 2018

I'm going to attend a new convention in Sweden next year: NordicFuzzCon, fingers crossed I'll get to the dealers den too - once I know more I'll add an option for item pick ups for that. I've also planned Confuzzled and Eurofurence again, but will need to wait and see what happens in registration, those attending know that they can be a bit tricky. I'm also hoping to attend Animus & Tracon again, but their faith will depend on how well these online sales go throughout the winter.

Last, but most exciting news

My pillowcases may soon end up in a physical store in Germany, I'll provide more information later!