Frequently asked questions

Why is the name "CozyTabby" if everyone knows you as "Neotheta"?

Short answer: In the future I hope to add collaborated products here aswell and expand. For a longer answer please read the about section.

Why a custom site and not a popular site like Storenvy?

A lot of the popular template sites have only a few features that are often only half useful, they're not well customizable and extra features often cost monthly payments, such as a very simple thing as using your own domain name or putting discounts on your items. They also often have unreasonable policies either too strict or too loose for what finnish laws require from online store business. I plan on expanding features I want to offer, such as put pre-orders and convention pickup options with the shop itself. And of course, making your own is a fun project and a good learning experience!

Where are your products made?

T-shirts are printed in a local store (Finland), printed fabric come from USA and all readily made products come from asia such as pillowcases.
And of course I draw the pictures right here at home!

Can I order a custom pillowcase / fabric from you?

Sure! As long as I have time to draw the commission. You can normally commission me and request the piece to be printed on something! Please check my commission site for more information:

Why my review isn't showing up?

There are a few reasons why this happens: 1) If your review is fresh I may not have accepted it yet. 2) If your review contains no comments it won't be visible, it'll only count into the star total and average. 3) If your review is old it won't display on product page if there are many newer ones, unless the review is pinned.

Clarifications: All reviews are checked by Neo before they go live incase of spam and inappropriate writings (currently anyone can write a review, even a person who hasn't bought the item) - Sometimes if someone writes a very constructive review I'll pin it so it won't dissapear when new reviews are given.