Reviews for pillowcases

For: Pillowcase: Shark

Andybigfeet 1.7.2017

What a wonderful pillow case! absolutely fantastic, I bought this at Confuzzled 2017, where we were greeted with a warm welcome and smiles! Once we made our choice of this pillow case it was lovingly wrapped and popped into a discrete bag <3! <br>when I finally got home I popped on the pillow case at bed time and the immediate difference was huge! what a wonderfully soft pillow case, I honestly haven't slept so well in such a long time! every night i look forward to resting my head on such a soft cover! I really cannot reccommend these highly enough! everyone should have one! we are certainly looking forward to buying more in the future! the colours on the design are vibrant, with a crisp high quality print! a truly high quality product, the seams and stitching are fanasticly done! everything about these pillow cases is wonderful!

I couldn't personally think of any con's with this product! the only thing i can think of would be if there could be a washing label attached for quick reference for washing guide lines! Though it's not really a con!

For: Pillowcase: Theo

Kite Moonwall 4.5.2017

The pillowcase looks bigger than usual, despite being a standard size pillowcase (possibly because most regular size pillowcase don't have prints on them?). The quality of print is great, seems durable and is easily washable. It's soft and comfortable, and of course Theo is such a cutie! <br><br>I made a video review for all to see here -

Not so much a 'con' as a personal preference, I would have liked a longer, traditional body pillow version. However take that with a grain of salt because I'm sure some people like the standard pillow size!

For: Pillowcase: Theo

Phun Bobsson 27.12.2016

Don't be fooled by the photos. The colours are even more vibrant than shown there and the description "sharp and vivid print" is no exaggeration. Both sides really look like the drawings do!<br><br>The material in turn feels very soft and all you need is a big high-quality pillow to make this into something you'll never stop hugging. I haven't tried washing it yet but I also appreciate that washing tips are added to the above description of the product.

The only thing I can think of (and this is nitpicking) is that I would appreciate varieties in different sizes. I can only use this one really big pillow that I have for this sheet. My older pillows are far too small for this. But I'm guessing that adding custom sizes will increase the price (and we all know that the price could ALWAYS be lower... *ahem* (just kiddin ^^)).

For: Pillowcase: Casey

Feligris 18.5.2016

I've had this pillow case for a year now, washed it few times as it's in constant use, and it has not begun to wear/break down nor has it lost its vibrant colours. So I'm satisfied with it. :3

Somewhat longer than typical pillows I have, leading to part of it just hanging about in one end.