Convention schedule

Conventions are something I want to be going to more actively. So far I've only done Tracon (here in Finland) and Confuzzled (at England where some of my good friends live) - I really want to get to other conventions in the future such as Eurofurence and NordicFuzzCon and perhaps travel further to Australia and America to see what furry conventions are like there (but with my income that's probably just gonna stay as a dream, I'm still gonna try my hardest!)

I also really enjoy standing behind a dealers den table, I get to see and meet so many people who I'd otherwise never be able to break out my shy core from and approach. And on top get constant feedback on the artwork and products. Convention experiences are always so inspiring and after them I'm full of energy to keep drawing more again.

Plans & where I'll be next:

NordicFuzzCon 2020 Confirmed, I will be there!
Confuzzled 2020 Confirmed, I will be there!
Eurofurence 2020 Planned, applied for the den.
Tracon 2020 As of yet decided.
Finfur Animus 2020 Planned.