CozyTabby, what is it?

CozyTabby is an online store ran by Neotheta and MooMoo.

A crazy project brought to life, a self coded online store that is occasionally used to actually sell things, instead of just displaying them. MooMoo is the person behind the magnificent custom code on this website and makes sure the site stays up with current standards. Neotheta is the person behind creating the art, products and handling the business side of it.

How it begun & where it's going

Originally (2013) the idea was put together together by me and my friend Zorakku (check her art out here), and it was supposed to be about different fabric prints: Clothes and pillowcases mostly. But that project slowly died as we burned out from studies. The idea was left to kindle while I setup my own business name and started doing commissioned art full time. At TraconX (2015) when I was selling some of my first pillowcases, lots of people asked if I had an online store - The motivation begun and we set on the journey to create this site. Unfortunately due to the high postal costs of my home country (Finland) the traction was weak, but the site served well as an inventory tracker and convention pickup & sales management. The online store was put onto a hiatus in 2020, due to the problems in the postal system. Reawaken in 2023 the plan is to document most of the products, keep their care instructions on display and occasionally take pre-orders and manage convention pickups. You can still order things to be shipped when orders are open.

In the future, it would be really cool to collaborate with other artists too.