CozyTabby, what is it?

CozyTabby is an online store ran by Neotheta and MooMoo.

Neotheta strifes to inspire and make people happy with artwork. From here you will find different fun and useful products with awesome prints on them that will make your home (or yourself) more colourful - usually themed with animals, nature and furry. MooMoo is the person behind the magnificent custom code on this website and makes sure the site stays up with current standards.

How it begun

Originally the idea was put together together by me and my friend Zorakku (check her art out here), and it was supposed to be about different fabric prints: Clothes and pillowcases mostly. But that project slowly died. I really wanted to continue the idea and expand it to more printed things. So I set myself a real business name, but then I got really busy with art commission works for a while. At TraconX when I was selling some of my prints and pillowcases, lots of people asked if I had an online store - that really sparked up my motivation again. Now it's up for the time to tell where this goes.

In the future, I really hope to collab with other artists to create some of the products together - it sometimes feels lonely to draw everything myself.