Pillowcase: Theo

Theo the Dragon

Theo is a shy and cuddly dragon, he is fascinated by natures power and loves travelling: especially volcanic places, mountains and caves. Although a very peaceful person he fiercely protects the nature and can be quite destructive with fire, don't forget that he's a dragon!

Double sided pillowcase

  • 100% polyester sateen.
  • 76.2cm x 50.8cm, fits most standard pillows.
  • Sharp and vivid print.
  • Can be washed in 30-40C (cold wash).
  • No ironing, tumble drying or bleaching!

Polyester sateen gives a nice silky feel and lets the print come out sharp and vivid. The pillowcase will last for years when washed correctly: Turn the insides out and machine wash cold when the surface is starting to feel dirty. Use gentle detergent.


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Phun Bobsson 27.12.2016 pin

Don't be fooled by the photos. The colours are even more vibrant than shown there and the description "sharp and vivid print" is no exaggeration. Both sides really look like the drawings do!

The material in turn feels very soft and all you need is a big high-quality pillow to make this into something you'll never stop hugging. I haven't tried washing it yet but I also appreciate that washing tips are added to the above description of the product.

The only thing I can think of (and this is nitpicking) is that I would appreciate varieties in different sizes. I can only use this one really big pillow that I have for this sheet. My older pillows are far too small for this. But I'm guessing that adding custom sizes will increase the price (and we all know that the price could ALWAYS be lower... *ahem* (just kiddin ^^)).

Roti817 30.10.2019

Its ok

Roti817 24.10.2019

We should do it again, but it's beautiful!!

Kite Moonwall 4.5.2017

The pillowcase looks bigger than usual, despite being a standard size pillowcase (possibly because most regular size pillowcase don't have prints on them?). The quality of print is great, seems durable and is easily washable. It's soft and comfortable, and of course Theo is such a cutie!

I made a video review for all to see here - https://youtu.be/CKAYzYIjXZE

Not so much a 'con' as a personal preference, I would have liked a longer, traditional body pillow version. However take that with a grain of salt because I'm sure some people like the standard pillow size!

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