Fabric print: Red Lynx

Red Lynx

Red Lynx is a peaceful lynx resting at it's den and enjoying the wonderful colour scheme of autumn. Warm up your home with this big canvas-like fabric print :3

Fabric Print

  • Contains the fabric only, NO FRAMES INCLUDED!
  • 110cm x 80cm + 4cm printed bleed + 3cm white bleed area.
  • Printed on cotton sateen.
  • Can be washed in 30C, but not recommended.
  • Ironing at Low setting (110C, 230F) only.

Very sharp print done on cotton sateen, doesn't gloss and looks amazing when framed like a canvas, but with only little texture from the fabric itself that lets a digital drawing shine at it's best. Requires a little ironing before it can be framed.


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