Pillowcase: Casey

Casey Goldheart

Casey is a gender fluid golden tiger, they enjoy lots of cuddles and making others feel happy. Casey is very empathic and a good listener.

Double sided pillowcase

  • 100% polyester sateen.
  • 76.2cm x 50.8cm, fits most standard pillows.
  • Sharp and vivid print.
  • Can be washed in 30-40C (cold wash).
  • No ironing, tumble drying or bleaching!

Polyester sateen gives a nice silky feel and lets the print come out sharp and vivid. The pillowcase will last for years when washed correctly: Turn the insides out and machine wash cold when the surface is starting to feel dirty. Use gentle detergent.


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Feligris 18.5.2016

I've had this pillow case for a year now, washed it few times as it's in constant use, and it has not begun to wear/break down nor has it lost its vibrant colours. So I'm satisfied with it. :3

Somewhat longer than typical pillows I have, leading to part of it just hanging about in one end.

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