T-Shirt: Kantele Kettu

Fox of the north

Third of the three northern animals, playing Kantele, the most prominent of Finnish traditional instruments. This shirt collection is based on the Animus 2019: Kalevala themed convention shirt, that was exclusive to pre-orders so only the brave could obtain it. "Is there's a way to get it still?" The question now has an answer: Not exactly, but now there are three different ones to choose from. This last one finally comes with the Kantele and some falling rowan berries to get your fox finally high.

Silk Screen T-Shirt

  • 100% cotton.
  • Unisex t-shirt (european sizing), heavy & moderately stretchy.
  • Silk screen with two colours, soft and durable print.
  • Wash in 30C (cold wash), turn shirt inside out first, use gentle detergent only.
  • No ironing, tumble drying or bleaching. Print wears out slowly by scratching.

Stanley/Stella creator t-shirt is a high quality organic cotton shirt, it's quite heavy, soft of touch and moderately stretchy. I've chosen this shirt because it's high quality & very comfortable to wear.

Size and Colour

You may choose black or dark heather gray for shirt colour. Sizes available are from 2XS to 5XL, make sure to specify the size during your order! The fit is European, which means that the sizing is designed with also tall people in mind.

Pre-order info

Be extra sure to include shirt colour & size info to your order. If you order multiple shirts, specify the sizes & colour per shirt!


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