Almost there! - 18.5.2016

Online store is functional!

It took us 8 months to get here! The store is now functional, only minor clean up's to do anymore. And of course, I'll have to have the products to sell too. There are still features that will be added later on, such as option to buy with convention pickup instead of shipping and a pre-order feature :D

Come find me at Confuzzled's Dealers Den!

Everything you see here right now will be for sale at the den - except they'll have GBP prices instead of euros. I also accept euro's tho. There is also a framed Red Lynx print at the artshow along with a one of a time Starcat hoodie (M-L)! After Confuzzled I'll go straight to Animus with whatever there are left over, the only guaranteed thing you'll find at Animus is another framed print of the Red Lynx. Then it's time to order more stuff for the store!

Plans for a new t-shirt

Due to popular request, the next t-shirt will be about FYIAD - stay tuned for pre-orders if you're a dragon! New lynx shirts will be ordered at the same time too.