Neotheta, who am I?


I'm Neo "Neotheta" Kyyrö, the artist and the person who is in charge of the shop. I live in Finland and do art commissions fulltime, I also make these printed things and sell them at conventions.

I love to draw and paint

As a Finnish person I don't use the word "love" lightly, drawing and painting is a lifelong obsession of mine. I'm both very interested in the technical aspect of improving at drawing and intruiqued by the communication when it comes to drawing for other people or trying to express yourself visually, without words. Languages have always been a weakness of mine, but shapes and colours are the strenght.

For my digital work I use Krita on Debian, Linux and other sidekick FOSS programs to refine the files for print. For printing I like to familiarize myself with the techniques and make the art match. I'm quite picky on quality which is why sometimes the selection or availability of things for sale is not grand, this is how I like it. There is more worth in things made with care, therefor more meaning to making something in the first place.

On my free time I like to hang out with friends, go to nature, adventure, conventions, demoparties, fursuit, craft, grow plants and hang out with my cats.

Interested on a commission?

In that case please visit my commission site for details: