Neotheta, who am I?


I'm Mira-Maia "Neotheta" Kyyrö, the artist and the person who is in charge of the shop. I live in Finland, in an apartment with two other people and two cats. I primary do art commissions for for living and I'm hoping that this project will become the secondary thing - so that I can have more time to create personal works, that I'll print into suitable things!

I really love to draw and paint

Especially with lots of happy colours. It has been my dream since childhood to draw for living and for most of my life I've been beating art knownledge into my head and practising daily. I never saw a point in life unless you chased your dreams without stopping, no matter what the results in the end is.

What I enjoy most in doing artwork is the reaction and impact that they bring to the people viewing them. A succesful piece to me is a piece that brightened up someones day or inspired them. And a masterpiece is what positively impacts many. Learning to be a better artist is not only about anatomy, composition, colour theory or technique. I big part to me is to learn how to make artwork that has an effect on people, how different colours and shapes affect feelings and what kind of pieces speak to certain kind of people. I want to learn how to speak to people through pictures (words are my weakness in general - such as I spend 3 hours writing this specific page and I'm still not sure if it makes sense).

On my spare time I keep in touch with friends, socialize with new people, take care of my cats and plants - I love cats and want to learn more about growing different plants! Occasionally I dream of having time for other hobbies but drawing takes all the time for now (not complaining about that tho). Usually you'll find me being an upbeat person and typically having small projects all the time. I enjoy improving, helping others improve (art or otherwise) and learning about neat things in our universe :3

Interested on a commission?

In that case please visit my commission site for details: